Product & Services


This service provides the best for customers in optimizing IT infrastructure in company business agencies. This managed service helps plan IT infrastructure needs, procure IT hardware and regular maintenance to provide answer solutions for technology development in a company.

  • Server & Storage
  • Network Devices
  • End-User Computing
  • UPS


We optimally manage information technology services to meet external regulatory needs including implementing IT governance, information security management systems, IT audits, strategy services, design etc. This service determines the suitability of the information technology of a business agency or company.

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • Migration
  • Consultancy
  • IT Audit


Our services are designed to support the performance of business agencies by preparing supporting tools for company needs including automation of data processing operations, data protection, data storage, data recovery, information data protection and security.

  • VMmare Suites
  • Rubrik Enterpise Backup & Recovery
  • Oracle & SQL Database
  • Application Performance
  • Monitoring
  • Client Management Tools


We provide services in managing IT security systems to support your business assets. Comprehensive security and protection can actively respond to cyber threats.

  • End Point Security
  • Next Generation Firewall
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Intrusion Prevention & Detection System